Corona is an image input/output library that can read, write, and manipulate image files in just a few lines of code. It can write PNG and TGA files, and read PNG, JPEG, PCX, BMP, TGA, and GIF. Corona was designed to be easy to use, and exports a straightforward C++ API. With just a few lines of C++, you can add image loading to your application.

Corona is open source and licensed under the zlib license. In a nutshell, this means that you can use the code however you wish, as long as you don't claim it as your own.

Corona is highly portable and works on Windows, Linux, and IRIX. It has been tested with the following compilers: Visual C++ 6, Visual C++ 7, gcc 2.95.3, gcc 2.96, gcc 3.0.1, gcc 3.2, and SGI MIPSPro. The code has no known endian issues, so it should work everywhere with few or no changes.


2003.09.02 - Corona 1.0.2 Released

2003.05.11 - Corona 1.0.1 Released

2003.01.05 - Corona 1.0.0 Released

The big one oh! After seven months, a new version of Corona is out. It has proven itself to be very mature software, and this release has no very large changes in functionality. However, I wholeheartedly recommend that everyone using 0.2.0 use 1.0.0 instead. And if you're not using Corona but are looking to load image files in C++, give it a shot!

Changes since 0.2.0:

2002.06.05 - Corona 0.2.0 Released

Corona 0.2.0 is out. A new web page came with it. :) Here is what changed since 0.1.0.